"FNB Live" with The Digital Edge

What a cool experience. Spoke to Saul Kropman and Jared Cinman a month or two back about an idea they were trying to float. What if they did a live Digital Edge podcast recording "inside" a corporate. Involve the audience, make it a show. Kind of similar to a TWiT show at MacWorld really...

It just so happened that I was putting together an internal digital marketing conference for all the good people at FNB. Timing couldn't have been better.

So we did the show a week or two ago and it went really well. The combination of "live show" and audience interaction was engaging and exciting. Of course, not all the content makes it through to the final cut - but there are definitely two sides to the idea. Firstly, what the audience can take away from a 90 minute discussion with a bunch of industry experts. And secondly, the final, packaged product which is now out for the world to listen to.

A big thank you to Cambrient and co. for piloting with us.

Download the show here.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

In what is most likely a first in South Africa, the 35th episode of The Digital Edge was recorded live at the FNB Digital Marketing Conference.

In this episode we take a look at social media inside a corporate and are joined by FNB Head of Media, Gisele Wertheim Aymes on the topic. We're also joined by Steven Ambrose of consultancy World Wide Worx to give us some facts and figures on the topic of broadband penetration in the country. Andy Hadfield, the FNB "Internet and Social Media Guy" also joins us to give his thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Come listen as we entertain and enthrall the crowd with a live Podcast, direct from a corporate conference.


  1. Tried to listen/download to iPhone with no luck? Anton M

  2. That's no good! It is available via iTunes store so perhaps something wrong with the feed. I'll let the guys from Cambrient know about this...


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