Chuck Lorre Productions

You know that post-series logo that comes up? It says Chuck Lorre Productions with a pile of text that you can't even hope to read in the 2 seconds you have? I've always wondered what it says. Now I don't have to wonder.

The #219 makes me think there are more...

UPDATE. There are. Hundreds.


  1. Do you seriously not own a DVR yet? He has been doing these vanity cards since Darma and Greg was on.... You have to pause live t.v. if you want to read them. Some are funny and others are not....

  2. Actually, just got the equivalent of a DVR a month ago - PVR from Multichoice. South Africa is a tad behind TIVO nations.

    We were still on dial up when Dharma and Greg were around...

  3. It's called a vanity card!


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