Best of @andyhadfield - July 2009

Twitter is noisy, but it has its uses. I've found that a lot of interesting links, thoughts and observations I tend to post on Twitter these days, instead of sharing it in the longer format of the game. The other problem with Twitter, is that because of the volume, if you're not watching at the right time, you tend to miss some juicy stuff. In that vain... Only the juiciest from the @andyhadfield account!

In chronological order. 1 to 30 July 2009.

--- snip ---

@vincenthofmann My votes for #gadgets - ps3, drobo, mac mini, 26inch LCD monitor, Canon big ass camera... Can't go wrong with 1 of those

Friend of mine just opened interior design studio - Recreate - designer objects out of everyday things. Pretty cool.

The Nokia E75 "Teach the Technophobe" International Blogger Challenge (An intro - pics coming in 10 min)

Interesting - Nokia blogger challenge is an indication of faith in new media to spread a brand. In bloggers we trust?

SA's Top 20 Tweeters = Full of Crap

@aslamkhn That's because it's small. Twitter was great when I followed 100 people. The bigger it is, the more noise. Success breeds noise.

Sony Picture South Africa - MASSIVE Twitter #fail ... or just a brand crying out for help?

I've decided to start tweeting every bottle of wine I drink. Good reference source. #wine

Oooh. CricInfo Mobicast has updated their app. Very cool. Pics, commentry, news. Slick design. #cricket

A Twitter exclusive - another step in our digital journey. The brand spanking new FNB - Feedback welcome!

Some thoughts and behind-the-scenes insights into the new project

Holy crap. Not more than 3 months ago, gave a presso saying 1.2 million South African's on FaceBook. Now it's 1.7 million. Crazy growth.

How many South African's on FaceBook. Pics of the stats and links...

Bought lunch at BP garage. Spend R40 and get free soccer ball. Score. #brandplus for nice warm fuzzy feeling...

At Mobile Monday (, Primi Forum, Melrose Arch. Looks good - you should pop round. 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Very informal.

Holy crap. +- 25,000 iPhones in South Africa. Our little tech community is so very, very insular.


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