Nokia E75 "Teach the Technophobe" - The Kit

Sizzly it was. Here's the blogger kit for the Nokia E75 review / challenge. Interestingly, these pics are taken with my Technophobes' Nokia N73. Not bad for an old phone eh?

Above you'll see the metal case, hiding layers of heavy gram production rich cardboard. The first Nokia E75 comes in here. The other in the standard Nokia packaging.

So, the two brand spanky new phones are on charge. Here's my first question. I'll pop it through to WOMWorld as well. Do you really have to charge these modern phones for 18 hours? I've asked this before and got a string of different answers. Kinda like the total number of Internet users in South Africa... People can guess, but no-one really knows.

Here's the nice leaderboard chart. Going straight up in the bar next to the everyday drinking whiskey.

Looks like there'll be 4 challenges. I've chosen my wife as a technophobe. Those of you who've met her can attest to her complete and utter disinterest in tech. And sometimes frustrating ability to lose the "apple" key. I wouldn't say she's a "phobe". But I'll do a quick geek test for clarity.


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