Long time no post...

Wow. It's been a long, long time since I've done a post. My humble apologies. Life, as they say, she is crazy. I do try keep my Twitter stream as updated as possible. You should always be able to catch me there.

Otherwise, a couple of things on my mind that deserve a post shortly...

1. Telemarketers. Driving me nuts.

2. Opt out. Driving me nuts. You would think South Africans would take this more seriously. I have a lovely PiggsPeak example that is awaiting interested lawyer.

3. Niche communities. Becoming more and more convinced that this is the future. The noise out there on the InterWeb is deafening. And from the looks of it, FaceBook still isn't making money. Public Service Social Networking. It's the next big thing.

4. iPod Touch 32 gig. A piece of wonderment. Recently won one - and have been hitting the App Store with a vengeance. The combination iPod Touch and E71 just works for me. I can get my geek fill of gadgets and miniscule life span application on the iPod touch. Then carry right on with the embedded GPS and business functionality of the E71.

5. Mozambique. I'll be unplugging in a few weeks. It'll be sweet.



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