The Times goes mobile... and impresses.

With 30 to 40 million cellphone users in South Africa (depending on what the networks tell you and how many multiple SIMs we think people have) - mobile sites are riding the crest of a popularity wave second to none.

* 1 in 6 Google Searches originating from South Africa are made off a mobile device.
* Vodafone Live is the largest traffic drawing website, far eclipsing the News24 behemoth.

Into the fray comes The Times, playing a very close second fiddle to the Mail & Guardian in the "innovate on new media platform" stakes. One has to wonder what's happening to M&G now that the Buckland/Maher combo have moved on. Quiteish really.

So back to The Times. The mobile site is excellent. It's extremely quick on EDGE / GRPS. Dynamic. Seems to update quickly. Offers a nice detailed intro lead to each story section and quick links to full articles.

I am mighty impressed. Let's see if they can follow up this nice little BETA with a proper marketing campaign. I'd take a look at Please Call Me advertising if I were them.

Good on ya.


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