CNN's hologram - the future of social interactions online?

CNN hauled out some pretty cool tech for the US Elections 2008. Touch screens, live data aggregation, video streaming, user generated content - it was all there.

Possibly the sexiest of all gadgets was the hologram. Quoted here from USA Today.

CNN will have 44 cameras and 20 computers in each remote location to capture 360-degree imaging data of the person being interviewed. Images are processed and projected by computers and cameras in New York. There'll also be plasma TVs in Chicago and Phoenix that will let the people being interviewed see Blitzer and other CNN correspondents. Bohrman says the network can project two different views from each city so Blitzer can appear to be in the studio with two holograms.

Now, let's bust this puppy wide open. The webcam is due for an innovative shakeup. It hasn't really dazzled us with an array of new features lately. Moore's law (I think?) predicts that this gabillion dollar holographic gadget should be pretty cheap in a couple of years.

Why can't holographic imagery be the next platform for online interactions? It would certainly solve the problem of HotBlonde98 turning out to be a crusty geezer.

Video below:


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