ADSL: 30GB Local Bandwidth and Cap Changes

What's going on with Telkom's ADSL capping strategy? I've noticed some interesting changes:

1. Not capped, but over the standard 3 GB usage limit.
2. Local bandwidth is measured separately and capped at a whopping 30 GB.

Is Neotel forcing innovation in the Telkom camp?

ADSL bandwidth usage report

Blended Usage
Uploaded - 647MB or [0.63GB]
Downloaded - 3.60GB
Combined Total - 4.23GB
Percentage used - 78.39%
Status - Not Capped

Local Usage
Uploaded - 0Bytes or [0.00GB]
Downloaded - 0Bytes or [0.00GB]
Combined Total - 0Bytes or [0.00GB]
Local Bandwidth Allocated - 30.00GB

Please note billing for local usage will commence only once allocated local bandwidth is exceeded. Refer to for per GByte charges.

Total blended bandwidth purchased - 0.00GB

Please bear in mind that this is a usage-based subscription and, as such, is subject to a threshold. Thresholds are the accumulated total of both your uploaded (sending) and downloaded (receiving) data, which includes the network overheads.


  1. "Local bandwidth is measured separately" - but this is only after you have used up your blended/international bandwidth - which makes it similar to other offerings


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