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MTN 3G Card Spam. MTN responds.

Sigh. I suppose what did I expect?


23 Sep (7 days ago)


The answer can only come from the senders side, an active sim on the network is allowed incoming sms’ s from anywhere. This might have been a guessed combination of numbers from the sender’s side.

Kind regards,
Customer Services
MTN Business Solutions


Date: 2008/08/29 11:55:18
Name :Andy Hadfield
Cellular Contact : youwish
Landline Contact :
Email Address :youwish

Subject :MTNLoaded

Message :Hi... I recently got a MTN 3G card (black e220 I think). I received an unsolicited spam sms on that 3G card. How could this be, considering this is a brand new 3G card? I am concerned about the privacy of this number - has MTN given it out? Please could you get back to me. I have covered this on my blog - here - I will post MTN's response to explain the situation - that's only fair... Regards, Andy Hadfield


* My note sent 28 Aug. Their reply came 23 September. WAY TO GO GUYS. Flip them customer burgers.

* While their reply makes sense, does this mean MTN is taking no responsibility for clamping down on SMS spam? The email providers were taught a lesson fairly - methinks this might happen in the mobile space as well.

Am I being unfair?

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