Just where is the social conversation going?

This is a theory I'm hatching... Would appreciate some feedback.

It goes along the lines of:

1. The "new" web started off great.
2. Then the crowds came.
3. The level of crap increased.
4. Aggregators and search allowed us to cut through the clutter.
5. The level of crap increased.
6. THE FUTURE. The hype cycle ends.
7. THE FUTURE. We figure out how to measure the social conversation.
8. THE FUTURE. True "semantic" web is born.
9. THE FUTURE. Business catches on. Conversation increases.
10. THE FUTURE. Hype cycle starts again.

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Personally, I think we're only at Step 4. It'll get worse before it gets better!

Your thoughts?


  1. With Vinny Lingham's objective to bring the website within reach of every single person on the planet.. are we ever really going to be able to cut through the clutter?

    Aggregation software is smart, yes.
    However, I have started blogging (not much at all), and I have been so busy reading and working that the content currently on my blog can be labelled "undigested rests" compared to what's going on in my head. My blog is registered and actually has an Amatomu rank. Now if every twat follows my lead, just spits everyday digital drivel and registers on an aggregator.. how will we really cut through the clutter.


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