Google's thin line between advertising and service...

Saw this pop up on Google Reader this morning.

A look at what's new

New! Subscribe to shared items and reading lists from Barack Obama, John McCain and political pundits.

I think the concept is incredible. It takes "social" interactions to a whole new level, giving users the ability to peek even deeper into the personalities and thoughts behind the TV Faces (or at least the personalities of their respective campaign offices).

From a marketing perspective, it extends social reach. It opens another channel through which we can engage with our target audiences. It deepens digital relationships.


But where does this all stop? What if I'm not interested in politics? Is Google big enough now that the Microsoft argument applies? Take care when pushing your services onto tools and spaces we use everyday.

After all, it's kind of like Windows popping up a message on your desktop, advertising Live Search. OK, they're a little more subtle than that, post IE vs Netscape drama's. But Google services have become like a desktop in some of our lives - and I think the comparison is beginning take shape.

Don't forget... You might think that Google is just providing engaging content forms to its users. But that content causes you to spend more time on site - which gives them more time to serve you ads.

It's interesting. Enough Google bashing. They do no evil, remember?


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