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3G Card Spam

Got my MTN HSDPA card the other day. Very nifty gadget. But imagine my surprise, when this brand new unit, with a brand new cellphone number and SIM card - got a message today.

Number: +2783775800009400
CONGRATULATIONS you have won an INFLATABLE BED from HOMEMARK. Call 0114306000 with ref no :2003.Prizes excl P&P.T&C apply.Reply NO 2b removed.
Time: 27/08/2008 10:44:18

Release the hounds! What the hell is this!? I have NOT given this number to anyone. I don't even know what this number is... Yet the spam starts.

My theories, and none of them are pretty:

1. MTN sells their subscriber database.
2. HomeMark Spammers are guessing cell number combinations (not a completely whack idea considering our 40 million odd combinations in this company).

If I get time to track this down, I'll update the post. I would be extremely disappointed if MTN was selling their subscriber database.

Any thoughts?

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