Social Networking for Business - Discussion forum @ GIBS

GIBS have released their discussion forum for the networking event from the other day. I'd encourage you all to head down their and contribute. GIBS is a great platform for networking with the next generation of SA's business elite. Make yourself heard!

Here's the question I posed, mostly to do with marketing through FaceBook pages. Is it all it's cracked up to be?


At the GIBS forum discussion on Social Networking for Business – the audience got into a rather interesting debate around the value that networks like FaceBook may provide to corporate brands / marketing efforts.

On one hand, you have 900,000 South Africans to tap as a potential online community – on the other, you’re marketing inside what is arguable the most cluttered information hub on earth today. And not only cluttered with value – but with personal problems, social pictures and Super Pokes.

Two fairly prominent brands that are currently on FaceBook are ABSA and BMW. Both with very different strategies – and results.

What do you think? Is there value to unlock using these social media campaigns? Is FaceBook good for once-off campaigns or for building a long-term value relationship with your customers or brand custodians?

Also remember – FaceBook provides both “groups” and “pages” – which can be used quite different and may / may not attract a different lifespan of engagement.

ABSA FaceBook Page:
• 1809 fans
• 73 wall posts
• 12 Discussion Topics
• Most popular topic (the “Best Foot Forward” campaign) has 458 posts in it. All other topics have negligible participation.

BMW FaceBook Page:
• 2785 fans
• 128 wall posts
• 30 Discussion Topics
• Most popular topic (“Which BMW are you driving?”) has 83 posts in it. All other topics have negligible participation.

Love to hear your feedback on the blog and in the forum...


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