A new site design for Cowboys...

It's been a long time coming - and finally I can announce a sweet little header and style upgrade for Cowboys & Engines. It's edgy. A bit egotistical. Humorous. Kind of like its creator. :)

I'm still sticking with Blogger. Yes, yes, WordPress fanboys turn in their grave. But, the way I see it, Google is always a safe bet. And even if Blogger has been backseated slightly in terms of new functions and features - when Google finally does decide to play catch up. They will.

And let's not forget. I can't fix a Linux server if it breaks!

Would LOVE your comments and feedback on the Design. We're tweaking a bit here and there still - and I'll take all reader's view under advisement. Let me know what you think...

The biggest thank you of this upgrade has to go to Lesley Upton - her design genius conceptualised the Techno Western art you see above. Like her stuff? Get her on Twitter...


  1. Very nice, Peter... er Andy...!

    Love the graphic, Lesley can stay, even if you're going... :-)

  2. I like your header graphic. Is this your own artwork??

    I'm a WP fan myself... I've never played with blogger.

    One comment I have is it looks like your blog is optimized for 800x600 viewing. You can probably widen it up a bit for 1024x768, except if you like the narrow feeling.

  3. @francois - Thanks man... Not my artwork (get in touch with the designer on www.twitter.com/lulubug83)

    I am only too aware of that 800x600 problem - unfortunately, that's the Blogger template. Do you have ANY idea how I could change that?

    800x600 is so 2005...


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