JOB OFFERED: Social Media Manager

As most of you know - I'm moving on to FNB - in a quest to make bankin' sexier! That means, some spaces are opening up at Joburg's hottest niche social network shop. Get it while it's fresh...


Job title: Social Media Manager. (Directing strategy, content and actions on niche social networks)

Context: Social media and digital technology offers business powerful ways to interact and collaborate with their customer, channel and employee communities. This speed and flexibility offered by innovative Web 2.0 tools and Social Networking platforms is one of the only remaining avenues for competitive advantage.

The Virtual Works are an 11 year old business that supply outsourced expertise, creativity and engagement systems and management services to help clients build and engage their enterprise communities. We run niche social networks – for business reasons – and offer our clients a REAL rate of return on Web 2.0 platforms. For a live example – check out

Roles: 4 key functional roles exist at The Virtual Works:

1. Strategy: We help our clients develop community engagement objectives and strategies.
2. Data: We gather and capture profile data and the opt-in consent to engage members.
3. Systems: We configure open source Web 2.0 platforms to help our clients manage their interactive relationships.
4. Engage: We create the content, the value and invent tactics to get community interaction, engagement and commitment – and measure our results.

Social Media Manager: Drive community interaction and engagement to get community commitment - profitably:

1. Design social networks (Strategically – this isn’t a development position! Just be at home with Web 2.0…)
2. Implement widgets / Web 2.0 measuring tools and plugins
3. Implement the strategy/Build community eco-system. Make sure the right people exist inside the network – it’s the only way to trade value for loyalty.
4. Create and Manage content and value distribution. Work with writers to direct the content strategy.
5. Administrate the network
6. Set up moderation processes to keep content focussed.
7. Invent and innovate.
8. Promote, blog and market the niche social network. Liase with PR to make it famous.
9. Analyse and measure. Web analytics. Sales analytics. ROI.
10. Grow the network in terms of member base, interactions and client sponsors.
11. Rinse. Repeat. Refine.

Skills required:
1. Social media / Web 2.0 / internet savvy.
2. Trained in marketing communication discipline. [Degree/diploma]
3. Good communication/writing and presentation skills.
4. Strategic thinking ability.

Personality attributes
1. Results orientated.
2. Over the top passionate about the web as a medium… but clever enough to think strategically though its impementation.
3. Good planner/co-ordinator
4. Inventive/creative
5. Self starter. No spoon feeding. Take the ball – web with it.

Package: R20k to R25k p/m CTC and a 20% profit share on the community. Run a business, within a business!

Email and blow us away! NO MORE THAN 2 PAGE CV'S PLEASE.


  1. are you still accepting applications?

  2. Yes, please email to and cc!


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