ISOC-ZA strongly condemns Vodacom behaviour

I was going to blog this - but Nic the Greek beat me to it. Here's the news... Has anyone heard what happened post this release?

ISOC-ZA strongly condemns Vodacom behaviour

On Wednesday, June 25, 2008 Vodacom claimed to revolutionise Internet on the cellphone. They falsely claimed that millions of Vodacom customers now (effectively) have the same experience of the Internet on their cellphones as they do on a PC. In reality Vodacom have broken the Internet for these millions of customers. This came without any warning and ISOC-ZA is united against this sort of behaviour.

Various applications that include instant messaging, banking, specialised mobile applications such as email, Youtube, Twitter, Fring and at least a dozen others, are no longer working. In technical terms, Vodacom installed a proxy service that was not sufficiently tested.

As one blogger so correctly pointed out: "Vodacom is essentially using the public as subjects for an alpha test of their technology" ( 25 June)

The technology that Vodacom is using is not standards compliant and, considering Vodacom¹s position as a dominant ISP, it should behave in a more responsible fashion. Furthermore, some of our members have claimed that Vodacom block many applications that it feels may threaten its business. While we have no direct evidence of this, we appeal to Vodacom to disclose what it blocks and intercepts on its networks.

Happily, some users have worked out how to bypass the new Vodacom changes and ISOC-ZA urges all mobile Internet users to make use of this should they too be unhappy with Vodacom¹s actions.

There are a number of bypasses freely available on the Internet, and are simple to affect.

For example: If you use a Nokia phone then the following should work:


Access points
Advanced Settings
Remove the Proxy server address


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