Customer Service @ Flickr...

What an incredible experience. I've been sitting on a Flickr account for ages, unable to use it because I'd forgotten my Yahoo ID - and try as I might, none of the password or login recovery tools were working. I REALLY thought my mother's first dog was called Sandy. Go figure.

Anyhoo. Emailed tech support. Got a mail back in seconds confirming ticket number. And then a resolution email back within hours. AND it was full of quirky Flickr goodness.

Just a quick email from Team Flickr to let you know that we've successfully received your recent Help by Email query and we hope to respond shortly.

We'd also like to take an opportunity to remind you that one query is sufficient and multiple queries regarding the same issue make the Magic Donkey cry.

Lastly, you may not be aware that our FAQs and forums are full of help goodness:

The Flickreenos

What a pleasure. South African companies, take a knee...


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