Cuil. The new search engine that got me thinking... Who am I?

Cuil launched recently - and already the shallow interweb is full of Google-killer chatter. I'm not buying it. My virgin experience was typically egotistical. I searched for Andy Hadfield. WHO IS THIS PERSON? Not an image I've ever used. They couldn't my domain right, and now my ego is bruised.

On a slightly more serious note - the interface is pretty cool. It's different. And as the GeekList says, even Google must be crying out for competition at the moment. At the end of the day though, Google just owns "clean". When I use a search engine, I'm looking for the no frills, no fuss approach. And try as the might, Cuil isn't clean. Pity.


  1. I had a similar experience. Cuil brought up a comic book cover image that had absolutely no relation to the blog result it pulled when I searched for myself.
    I'm thinking teething issues.

  2. Yeah... shame, the blogosphere is very quick to criticise isn't it? Let's put it this way. I HOPE they can compete with Google. Competition makes everyone better at the end of the day...

  3. maybe it's just the safe search doing us all a favour? har har.

  4. Safe search does block some interesting pictures...


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