Introducing the SA Blook

Hi all... quick note to give you a heads up on a great idea that will be launching in a couple of hours. I'm proud to be associated with Darren Gorton's SA Blook project - a collection of South African bloggers / authors who have banded together to contribute a chapter each to an online Blook. The topic: Technology and South Africa, with a positive slant.

I'd be extremely grateful, dear Readers, if you could do as the blogosphere does. Spread the news, read the chapters, enjoy the stories... As much of an "experiment" as this is, it would be incredible if we could use the speed of the online medium to spread the good stories of South Africa.

A quick leaked excerpt from the Introduction by Darren Gorton...

Welcome to the SA blook, a collaboration between South African bloggers with a heart for our nation and a strong belief in our future. Essentially, it is a book, originally published online and written by a diverse group of writers with strong views of our country and the reality we find ourselves living in.

There have been countless books written about South Africa’s history and how it has developed, and there are bound to be many more to come. There is also an endless supply of daily news that reminds each of us about the very real and difficult challenges that our country faces and has to overcome. While every South African understands and feels the pain of these challenges, we will never be able to move forward unless we lift our heads to the horizon and step boldly forward, aiming to build a foundation for a brighter future for us all. This blook is about South Africa - a constructive look at our present, our future and the opportunities that we have.

While this blook is admittedly an experiment in online writing, this fact should not detract from the seriousness and importance of the topic at hand – something which is relevant to all South Africans. Every topic that we touch upon here is intricately linked to South Africa’s present and future, and although we would not like to suggest that our present challenges are easily remedied by positive thinking, we hope to stimulate thinking around these topics in you, our readers, and in that way, contribute to the amazing things we will see take place in this country in the years to come.

I trust you will enjoy reading this as much as we all enjoyed writing it, and that you’ll participate in a way that is impossible with traditional books – by leaving your comments, thoughts and ideas on the relevant online chapters as you read them.

Post will go up shortly - check back later today because we'll add a footer to each chapter listing other chapters and authors.


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