The move from social to crowd...

Not sure where this comes from, so unfortunately can't credit properly. But it is an interesting trend paragraph.

Among the social and consumer lifestyle trends affecting marketers in the next few years, there will be a shake-up in consumer markets following shake-ups in the financial and political scenes, while 'crowds' will be the buzzword that replaces 'mash-ups'.

Social networking web sites may lose their novelty - and consumer influence - almost as quickly as they arrived, and customer feedback and reviews will become more influential. A new type of consumer identity - a 'networked self' - is expected to emerge, with each individual seeing themselves as a small-yet-significant part of the overall community, and feeling a responsibility to understand and engage with other consumers.

More consumers will feel compelled to support local businesses, producers, artists and community initiatives, and the 'local food' movement will lead the way. Consumers will also greatly increase their spending on green products and services, and green issues will increasingly influence not only consumer choices in-store but also in politics.

I'm not sure they got the distinction between mash-up (applications overlaid to work together) and crowd (community gathering around a business or social topic) right. But where the anonymous paragraph certainly nails it - is in the changing face of social media and the web.

1. The web is getting too big with too much crap. People will group around services and businesses. Chances are, this will be local because it makes geographical and cultural sense.

2. A new identity MUST emerge. There are too many social networks, too many usernames, too many brilliantly simple but not integrated enough Web 2.0 services. Many feel this is where Web 3.0 is going. The networked self. One unique net identity plugged into a host of services.

Interesting times...


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