The New Mac - Even the mighty fall...

Ah. I knew it was going to happen - probably not this quickly - but I do seem to have a propensity for breaking fancy systems :) Managed to break my new MacBook PRO today. OK. So, I'm being a little sensationalist. It crashed. Had to do a hard reboot.

What the problem was - I'm not sure. Had Skype and AdiumX running. Maybe FireFox as well. Tried to launch SPAZ - which is an OSX Twitter app (and pretty funky too if you'd like to check it out). Icon bounced up and down, and then just never stopped bouncing.

Then, my clock stopped. Hovered the mouse over the clock and I got the "beach ball" of death. Clock stopped running as well - so was almost late to get into the traffic. Tried to shut down, then got the desktop background of non-response.

Eventually switched it off.

And now I'm back.

Two things. Firstly, the only frustrating thing (and really, can't complain too much as I really don't know how to drive this thing properly yet) was that I didn't know how to fix it. Couldn't jump into Task Manager or the like and start killing with glee.

Secondly. Ag. One reboot ain't too bad. Running like a dream now and back on the path to being a fanboy. Apple sets high expectations by the sheer quality of the product. Coming from my latest blue screen of death loop, I really don't mind giving it a chance or two :)

Fanboy out.

(SIDEBAR: Just discovered the smallest, but coolest thing. When you double click on a word to select it in Vista and maybe XP, it selects the word and, trying to be clever, the space after the word. Which means, if you're putting in a link or simply trying to replace JUST ONE WORD... you're forced to re-enter the space. Mac? Doesn't do it. Double click. Select just the word. Uh huh.)


  1. Dude... you do have the ability to kill misbehaving apps on Mac OS X (it's Unix after all...)

    Keystroke: Apple-Alt-Esc

    Brings up a little menu and kill what you need to... Pretty much the only time you'll ever need to hard shut-down a mac is when the mouse pointer stops moving...

    Call for help next time...

  2. Ha Ha at the beachball of death!!! The Apple-Alt-Esc takes you to force quit - prob solved.
    Weird thing is my mac doesn't like Adium now and then also....but hey it's only been 6 months since the big switch (you couldn't pay me enough to go back tho :)

  3. @brettski - The CTRL ALT DEL of mac world. Good trick to know.

    Mmmm just managed to run my battery down to 0. Thought this thing would sleep. Do things like Adium and Spaz prevent the mac from sleeping?

    @melissa Don't think it was Adium. Little bird told me Spaz is buggy.

  4. Instead of using a Spaz-tic (har-har) Twitter client, use something terrific - Twitterific.

  5. @matt Will give it a go. Def wondering if it is Adobe Air that was causing the instability?


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