New optional benchmarking feature available in Google Analytics...

I want it. But it seems this is just a teaser. A blank teaser at that?

Even the tech-gods hit SEND too early :)

UPDATE: Thanks to Avi - who cleverly got the mail off his BlackBerry (no clue as to how the GMail send went haywire...) Here it is... Go read Avi's blog here.

Dear Google Analytics users,

We're happy to announce a new, commonly requested feature: industry benchmarking. Industry benchmarking is a feature that lets you compare your metrics against your industry vertical and many other industry verticals.

To take advantage of this optional new feature, the administrator on your account will need to enable data sharing on the new Google Analytics Data Sharing Settings page. When you log in to your account, you will see a yellow Data Sharing Settings box. Click on the "advanced settings" link within the yellow box, then specify that you would like to share your data "Anonymously with Google products and the benchmarking service" by choosing the second checkbox. You can also choose to share your data "With Google products only" to take advantage of advanced Google advertising products and services as they become available.

The industry benchmarking feature is currently in beta, so if you have enabled it but still don't see data, you may need to wait up to two weeks so the data can be categorized, aggregated and anonymized for your reports. To opt out of these services, simply specify on the settings page that you don't want to share your data.

For more information, visit our benchmarking and data sharing FAQs.

The Google Analytics Team


  1. LOL, I got the same email and was wondering were they teasing me too.

  2. Very unlike Google :) I have noticed an option on analytics that says SHARE YOUR STATS ANONYMOUSLY with google to enable additional features. Benchmarking would be cool. I wonder if it would be Alexa like in function?

  3. here is the email

  4. Thanks Avi - have posted and linked to your site!


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