New local tech podcast launches... ZA Tech!

A new local tech podcast has launched (The ZA Tech Show). Always interested to watch these things as they grow. This one, especially. For two reasons.

1. Most of the motley crew are well-read tech journalists.
2. They drink Heineken or Windhoek. I just couldn't listen to arrogant Urquell wombats.

Seriously though, it's a good listen. I'm fortunate enough to know a couple of the chaps and got to sit in at the first 2 recordings. Isn't podcasting great? Couple of mic's, a mac and some informal chatter to educate the masses.

ZA Tech features Simon Dingle from Hypertext Media, Duncan McLeod from the FM and FM Tech, Jon Tullett from IHS, Benedict Kelly from Finweek and Brett Haggard also from Hypertext Media. (Ed's note - if they had put links to their own personal blogs, this lazy blog would've copied them. But they didn't. So I didn't.)

Check it out. It's not quite TWIT china, but local is lekker. :)

Here's a mini-scoop. Cellphone snap of the show before it got all smarmy and took its own pictures.

ZA Tech @ Work!

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