The lesser known Cote d'Ivoire spam scam...

Ah, they really are getting better and better. Grammar is tightening up. Countries are being more obtuse. This is Princess Diaries in a scam. Don't ask me how I know about Princess Diaries.

I think where this spammer's email segmentation methods went just a touch of course - is his assertation that we have a stable economy. OK. I'm 100% passionate about South Africa - but my recent foray into Standard Bank shares doesn't make me think the I personally could help enrich this poor widow.

I am SO glad to see the money is free from drug / laundering offences. Last thing I need is Brett Kebble's ghost on my ass.

Mr Winterfield. Bring it.

Dear Friend,

I am a financial consultant based in Cote d'Ivoire. I have a client (a widow) who has $25 million dollars with a private equity investment trust company for safe keeping only. She wishes to invest in a stable economy.

Her interest is in companies with potentials for rapid growth in long terms. My client is interested in placing her fund in company, if your country's bylaw allows foreign investment. I prefer you contact me for more details

Yours faithfully,

Mr. John Winterfield

NB: The fund is free from drug and laundering related offences

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  1. Why is it always so important that Ms Moneybags is a grieving widow? Weird.

    "growth in long terms". sounds chinese.

    "national bylaw". har har.

    I never get tired of these.

  2. Grieving widow, large sums, polite english name with chinese undertones. Whaddya gonna do?

  3. I say go for it, Andy! You must konw by now that everything on the internet is real!! C'mon! ;)
    If it's not the Nigerians or the Russians... it's the freaking Coties!

  4. Making the call! Hope she's wearing a nice frock...


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