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Should I go Mac (Part 3)?

Yowsers. Just phone the Apple Store in Sandton City. Woe betide. Entry into this market is just not easy for first timers. For some reason, the R20k spent on the Vista Beast has given me a bad taste in my mouth.

Getting into stable computing should NOT be that expensive. Especially if you can't play games on the ruddy things.

13" MacBook White
2.0 dual core
120 gig hdd
1 gig RAM

EXTRA: R1,599 for another gig
EXTRA: super drive + R2,500


13" MacBook Black
2.2 dual core
160 gig hdd
1 gig RAM
super drive

EXTRA: R1,599 for another gig


15" MacBook Pro Silver
2.2 dual core
120 gig HD
2 gig RAM


15" Macbook Pro Silver
2.4 dual core
2 gig ram
160 gig hdd


OfficeMac R1,499

If I wanted a MacBook White, but with all the goodies, I'd be forced to pay more than the black version. Smacks of dodgy pricing strategy. MacBooks don't have any graphics card to speak of - so forget about heavy pretty processing. MacBook Pro's don't come in white or black.

I must say. PC's win points on sheer volume of choice.

This makes it a VERY tough decision.

Phone the Apple Store, Sandton on 011 784 9073 and bitch about the price! Although, to be fair, there's nothing they can do.

My eternal debate. Which one is good enough?


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