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Nudjit. South African Gadget Review.

I am officially impressed. No wonder Hartman has been so busy.

Rohrig. Hartman. Haramlambous. They've just released Nudjit - a South African gadget review site. Take a peak...

Wordpress has really gone up a notch in my books. The sleek silver design will take on most content portals in its range. Lots of RSS output. Lots of quick aggregatory inputs. And all I can really think about is how hideously easy it must be to post content once the initial work is done. Gone are the days of bloated CMS.

Now. All very impressive, but the tricky bit lies ahead. Here's my tri-axial analysis.

1. Content. The 200 strong local blogosphere is only going to get you SO far... You'll have to keep quality content appearing daily. These are the fast and furios days of Engadget after all.

2. Adveritisers. South Africans are 80% clueless about the benefits of online advertising. You'll see web companies and small businesses start to take advantage of Google Adsense, and there are some good examples of large service-orientated corporates (like Outsurance) splashing banners all over the place (and most importantly, backing it up with an actual phone call when you click!). But, by and large, we're still a naive, young market. How to get, keep, measure and reward quality advertisers is a challenge.

3. The Passion. It's an odd situation that's developing in South Africa. Because we have a decided lack of VC - entrepreneurs have to hold down a day job, while populating multiple blogs, keeping up with social networks, doing intelligence scanning and launching startup at night. That's a daunting task. If you chaps can keep up the passion - this might just have a chance.

There's nothing wrong, at the end of the day, with a crummy room, loadshedding, pizza and some code 'n content.

I wish you the best of luck! It certainly fills a gap in the SA market. And for my 2c - gut feel on design is EXCELLENT. My suggestion: MacBook vs MacBook Pro Review. Coupled with the best prices you can get in SA. I'm a little pre-occupied with that topic at the moment :)

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