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Hehe. Good to see local boys Jump Shopping getting in on the Google AdSense act. And with a bang.

It caught my eye all right... Suddenly I thought I'd managed to attract some lucrative porn advertising (how, I'm not quite sure).

Musings: As far as I can remember, Google AdSense requires that each advert links to a page that is contextually relevant to the offer. This particular ad links to the Jump homepage. It kinda gives away the fact that this campaign was targetted at a male audience. Any normal-blooded male (yes, I clicked - otherwise how would I have intimate knowledge of this lingerie faux pas) would most likely be lost if they were greeted with a page of 34 A through E. But, sneaky puffadder, if they clicked expecting some NSFW and suddenly happened upon cheap local gadgets?

Different story. More conversions. Better sense.

I wonder if Google will allow this blatant abuse of male gullibility?



  1. This is a GREAT blog...thanks for sharing!

  2. My pleasure. Hopefully you're referring to Cowboys. :)

    Jump is a pretty useful retail site too...


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