Buzzfuse - Cutting through the Peer Review Clutter (Full Review Part 2)

Some thoughts for the future...

Read the Part 1 of the full review here.

Having had some time to digest my Buzzfuse experience – I thought I’d throw caution to the wind and proffer some musings...

1. While it is nice to be able to comment and discuss each item of content – finding a way to integrate that with the current comments of a blog would really help. Two sets of anything is never good. Short attention sp... huh? I imagine there must be some way to integrate the default comments feed that platforms such as Blogger and WordPress have. (PS Thanks Scott for vindication).

2. Fewer steps to publish an item. I measured it. It takes a while. Post item. Reload item. Click Add to BuzzFuse FireFox widget. Copy paste widget code. Paste into blog. Center. Publish. Reload blog. Click to activate. Choose distribution. Fill in tags. Fill in comment. Set up questionnaire. GO! Don’t get me wrong – the rewards of there for those who persevere – but I’m thinking a one click (choose all default options) publish is the way to go.

3. RSS Outputs for Search Results. I know, I know. I just made a whole argument about not getting RSSobsessed. But for us techies out there, who would like to monitor great content by day, or peer reviewed gems by keyword – it would be nice to have a SUSCRIBE TO FEED button on relevant pages. For instance, Eskom is interesting to track!

4. Softer-on-the-eyes landing page. If the one huge, overriding benefit of the site is that it uses Peer Review methodologies to cut through the clutter – a neat, tidy and visually spaced home page would help a lot. While no-one really minds scrolling down – having to glare through 16+ items per page does get a bit tiring. Which is a pity – because there’s a lot of good stuff there.

5. Share (or at least Sell) the stats. These guys are probably sitting on a WEALTH of social dynamic statistics. Who likes what? Why? Content release patterns? How does popular content get viral? How quickly? Cross reference all that with questionnaire feedback, tags and qualitative comments. Hmm. My mouth waters at the level of “social media analysis” that becomes possible. In fact – start running some case studies of the BuzzFuse model is smaller, closed circle communities. Mouthing off to my email mates is cool – but imagine how this might work INSIDE a content driven enterprise. Imagine sharing stategy, ideas, knowledge resources... You do get access to some of these stats by the way - the Buzzfuse widget acts as a little bit of Google Analytics code so to speak. You can track uptake and retake of your items from inside their interface.

Ah. Did I mention that Buzzfuse will soon be releasing auto submission to social bookmarking sites? Not yet sure whether digg'ing yourself is all that good for your online reputation - but the function sounds pretty cool once given a context.

I love new ideas. Two pokes up.

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  1. I totally agree with number two. It's kind of cumbersome going back and forth, back and forth to publish an item. But, having said that, I'll still do it.

    I can see a bit of momentum growing in my stats from BuzzFuse. And it's only been one week!

    I agree, two pokes up from Cardiogirl!


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