Should I go Mac (Part 2)?

My question. The operating system seems to be Unix-based - which suggests speed, reliability etc. etc. But, let's not kid ourselves. The world is Windows. The business world at least.

Just how compatible is a Mac in the business world. Can it hook up to a Windows Network. Windows Domain. Exchange Server. (Would you want to?)

Here's the next round of research for new Mac thinking-about-buying-ers.

An Introductory Mac OS X Leopard Review: Meet Your New Desktop
Everyone's talkin' about Leopard. Word on the street is - it's what Vista should have been. Read this in-depth review of the new OS from Mac and why it's so good.

Mac vs PC: The Popular Vote
Ingenious little fan site where people can leave a comment and vote Mac or PC. Fascinating stuff. Current score: MAC 75%. PC 25%.

Apple's MacBook Leaves Its Predecessors in the Dust
Probably the most interesting article I've read so far. It's a Washington Post review of the MacBook (probably the target machine for most South Africans - retails in at around R12,000 with fairly high specs).

Three worrying issues I picked up in this:
1. Doesn't burn DVD's!
2. Runs extremely hot (almost painful according to the article).
3. Has erratic WiFi connectivity.

And finally for this episode...

The brand argument!

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  1. it DOES burn DVD's if you get the machine with the Super Drive Option - not the Combo Drive

  2. it DOES burn DVD's if you get the machine with the Super Drive Option - not the Combo Drive

    Most of my friends who are DIE HARD PC fans are running Windows on their MacBook Pros....the hardware is more reliable, PLUS they are running Mac Leopard OS simultaneously (without having to reboot the deck in either/or OS)...the best of BOTH worlds

  3. MacBook Pro's are undeniably RAD. BUT... that's a 20k+ investment. You can get vistatops for 6k now.

    A normal MacBook seems to be the best priced Mac option. Can it cope with us young techie power users? THAT'S my question...

  4. I use the windows platform but in my humble opinion, nothing beats a mac. I would love to get one if the price over in my country didn't turn me off ...


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