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Should I go Mac (Part 2)?

My question. The operating system seems to be Unix-based - which suggests speed, reliability etc. etc. But, let's not kid ourselves. The world is Windows. The business world at least.

Just how compatible is a Mac in the business world. Can it hook up to a Windows Network. Windows Domain. Exchange Server. (Would you want to?)

Here's the next round of research for new Mac thinking-about-buying-ers.

An Introductory Mac OS X Leopard Review: Meet Your New Desktop
Everyone's talkin' about Leopard. Word on the street is - it's what Vista should have been. Read this in-depth review of the new OS from Mac and why it's so good.

Mac vs PC: The Popular Vote
Ingenious little fan site where people can leave a comment and vote Mac or PC. Fascinating stuff. Current score: MAC 75%. PC 25%.

Apple's MacBook Leaves Its Predecessors in the Dust
Probably the most interesting article I've read so far. It's a Washington Post review of the MacBook (probably the target machine for most South Africans - retails in at around R12,000 with fairly high specs).

Three worrying issues I picked up in this:
1. Doesn't burn DVD's!
2. Runs extremely hot (almost painful according to the article).
3. Has erratic WiFi connectivity.

And finally for this episode...

The brand argument!

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