Should I go Mac (Part 1)?

Mac vs PC. A journey of discovery (and of getting over multiple crashes).

Me and My Mac
John C Dvorak - grumpy co-podder in Leo Laporte's TWIT show. Traditionally a PC Boy. Gets a Mac. Gets converted. Good article.

Office 2008 on Mac - Screenshots
Aha. In my current frame of mind - Office 2008 (Office 2007 on PC's) is probably the only thing which would halt my onwards march towards no settings, no viruses and a Dock. Office 2007 is a truly remarkable piece of software. It really is. Easy to use. Pretty stable. Phenomenal results from creatively challenged users. What more can you want? I produce documents worth of Creative Directors. With a cleek-cleek apply template. Mmmmm.

And now... it's coming to Mac. And it looks gooood.

Microsoft announces Office 2008 for Mac!

It. Just. Got. Interesting.

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