Holiday musings... What's going on at the Spur!?

OK. So this has sweet bugger all to do with tech. But hell. It's - theoretically I can do what I want...

Thought I'd share the following funny experience.

EXPERIENCE 1. Spur. Durban Airport.

Couple of hours to kill at the airport, so I settled down for a friendly Spur Burger. I don't have kids - so I'm not sick of it yet :)

Imagine my surprise at the complete brand confusion placed in front of my bored, hungry person:

Am I missing something, or was Spur borrowing plates from Panarotti's. Perhaps there's an inter-franchise deal. Hmmm.

EXPERIENCE 2. Spur. Durban Airpot.

Hide the kids! Gone are the telly tubbies or that purple dinosaur thing. Replaced with what every kid craves. ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP. Where the blood flows thicker than the commentary. Yowsers.

Eventful 2 hour wait at the airport.


  1. Spur and Panarottis are the same company it seems. Go to the one(s) at the Brightwater Commons (yuch - I blame my Father in Law for dragging us there) and you can sit in either of them and choose from either menu as well. It's called being between a rock and a hard place...

  2. I wonder if they are subject to the same franchise rules - Spur is notoriously tough on franchises. Maybe there's a no violent blood matches rule?


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