Eskom: The jokes are starting to tell...

Someone would've blogged this. But someone ran out of power.

An internal memo methinks...


A number of "Eskom jokes" are being distributed in the organisation. These jokes are defamatory, degrading, obscene and abusive.

In terms of the Eskom Information Security Policy: Users shall not use any Electronic communication facilities provided by Eskom to create, send, forward, store or display material that is fraudulent, sexually explicit, obscene, defamatory, racially or sexually harassing, threatening, unlawful, contrary to the rules of Eskom, the regulations of the appropriate Eskom Ethics body or otherwise illegal.

This is a request for Eskom employees that receive these "Eskom jokes" to forward them to Group Communications and under no circumstances should these jokes be forwarded or circulated either within Eskom or outside Eskom.

Your co-operation in this regard will be appreciated.


Krish Naidoo CISSP
Information Security Manager
Eskom Holdings Ltd.

Shoo. Don't we learn some swift lessons in life?

1. DO YOU REALLY NEED TO PUT THAT IN WRITING? It's the day of information overload Krish... Didn't you read the Yahoo Memo?

2. Do you really think it's going to work? 99.6% of all statistics show that most of the jokes originate from within Eskom.

3. Do you really think some clever ass geek is not going to turn this into another Eskom joke?

Ah. Still - tough times, tough times. I know worse corporates that have cracked down on images / video within email, purely because of bandwidth constraints. Can you imagine 6 million South African Internet users gleefully forwarding these things to offset the pain of darkness?


Nice try Krish.

(BTW. A quick search on Google Images, to see the geeky uptake of blogable Eskom trivia yielded a FRIGHTENING amount of results for - and NONE of them were the actual Eskom jokes. Shame on Google. Shame on me for bad tagging. Eskom - you're ok for now.)

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  1. Heh. It's true you know. I went and had a power nap instead.

  2. Power off. Power nap. You crack me up.

  3. "2. Do you really think it's going to work? 99.6% of all statistics show that most of the jokes originate from within Eskom."

    You know, 99.6% of statistics get made up on the spot... ;)

    Good post! Those pesky Eskomians. Trying to veto their employees' right to free speech and defamatation... (is that even a word?? :D )

  4. The best thing about South Africa is its sense of humour. The constant FUBARness from all vectors makes our skin as thick as Eskom's excuses. And we have learned how to thrive. But that doesn't make us stop cursing the moment the power goes down. @$%^& im on the UPS again!!

  5. Hehe. It is amusing. What's not amusing - is that they've shut down the mines now.

    Fak. If I wasn't so busy blogging - I'd be buying GOLD!


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