E61i - The Greatest Weakness.

I love my Nokia E61i. Big screen, QWERTY keyboard, wireless... the works. It's quick, it's stable. It doesn't feel as big as it looks. Chuffed.

BUT. Help a brother out here. Am I being an idiot or is it just impossible to dial 0861 SOMETHING. (As in when a number is written in letters...).

The QWERTY keyboard prevents you from dialing these types of numbers! I've been forced to figure out their representing digits on a lesser phone. Sies. For instance:

On the E61i - these are the corresponding letters:

1 = R
2 = T
3 = Y

Agh! All wrong wrong wrong.

What gives?


  1. Hi Andy,
    Can't really help, but can emphathise. I have the earlier model (straight E61), and I love it for the same reasons you do. But you do need to commit the letter-to-number allocations from a standard keypad to memory.


  2. ... sorry, make that 'empathise' (tsk, tsk - careless).


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