Speedtest (Bandwidth ahoy!) PS. Telkom Sucks.

VERY cool Speed Test (for any type of connection - but why you would want to test anything other than broadband is beyond me) found at SpeedTest.Net.

My needle got stuck at 0 as I was trying to PING London (no SA "pyramids" yet). I guess that says something. Thanks Telkom.

There are ISP's out there serving 20mb / second. *Green*.


  1. Cape town Pyramid is available. Speed suck bollocks though - mu upload is faster than my download????

  2. Yip, I had the same issue. Think i was getting a crackin 22kb/s off a 512kb dedicated IS ADSL line... yipeekayay.

  3. Nice article . I'm new to speedtest.net . Often, i use Scanmyspeed.com to check my broadband speed .


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