What about a "new" OPA (Online Publishers Association)?

Had lunch with Mr. Chilli a while back and we got to chatting about how to leverage the long tail effect of South African's citizen journalists. ie When all the media houses are ploughing money into the big sites (News24, iAfrica etc.) with traditional banner adverts - how do you start taking advantage of the plethora of niche sites out there. Sites that aren't monetized. Sites that have unqiue, loyal audiences.

Anyhoo. Paul started a Wiki asking for contributions to the idea of a South African Independent Publishers Association. It's a cool idea - but like all cool ideas - needs a bit of momentum to get the discussion going.

So, if any of my readers have had similar thoughts - please hop on over to the Wiki and add some ideas.

It harks back to a previous post I wrote about looking for trends in 2007. I was hoping to see some progress towards a consolidated blogging effort - using combined traffic as opposed to fighting over the 100 visitors per day scraps...

It interests me. This idea.

The OPA is elitest. Or at least it was when we poo-pooed it 5 years ago. It caters for the slow movers. The big daddies. And the social media trend just flies in the face of that logic.


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