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Vista vs Ubuntu vs Remaining Sane

My Acer TravelMate beastly thing is in the shop. It started melting. Whole other story. So - picked up one of the spares lying around the office. This time, a slightly inferior (who am I kidding, ridiculously inferior!) Acer Aspire 3620. 512MB RAM. 1.6 GHZ Celeron.

With Vista on it.

Well, the office had moved over to Vista - so the spare machines were nicely set up and waiting.

Oh. My. God.

Over the last 4 days I have almost put my head through the nice bright LCD. They weren't kidding when they said be careful with hardware, were they? When it takes 25 seconds to alt-tab, you know you've got problems.

SO. I'm taking the plunge and putting Ubuntu 7 (Feisty Fawn) I think it's called. The project? Can you survive in an intense IT environment, helping to run an MICROSOFT development house, where everyone is sending you Office 2007 files? And can you survive using Ubuntu, probably the friendliest of the Linux distributions?

If I have the time, I'll post some thoughts about the experience.

Until it installs, I'm off to manually dictate emails.

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