Space Quest Re-Released!

Now... I'm not much of a gamer, but this really tweaked my retro strings. A friend of mine recently purchases Space Quest I - VI (on ONE WHOLE DVD)... They've used a util called DosBox to make sure it runs on XP (forget Vista).

Does this or does this NOT take you back!?

This second screenshot is of Space Quest II. Hectic.

Apologies for the crappy screenshots - but we hooked it up to a TV - just for the extra bit of pixelation.


  1. Question: So ok is there any way to play space quest on a mac os x? My computer also won't run parallels because I believe it isn't intel-based.

  2. Yip. Hit this search...

    I've also heard of a game pack including all Space Quest / Kings Quest / Larry etc etc native mac.


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