Hello Peter 2.0. Awww.

Pity. Just used their site to post some despicable service I received at Ocean Basket (no link love - forget it) a while back. Very easy to use. A bit 1.0ey though.

Such a pity - because there's a community just waiting to be social mediafied. Ranking, rating, digg'ing... Hmm.

Anyway, great site Mr. Peter. With a bit of budget - there's a whole heap of South African Web 2.0 consultants you could chat to do give the site a rocket.

Am I narrow minded - thinking everyone must just conform with the trends? Nah. :)


  1. I think you are on the money here - a community will push this to the next level, but it will also mean that he may loose some control...

  2. True.

    It's always interesting - the dichotomoy between external (large) communities and internal (smaller usually communities). What works for one doesn't usually work for the other.

    Staff engagement with facebook. Hmmm. Prob not. Huge external communities interacting via facebook. Definitely.

    Don't you think the very nature of Hello Peter is community orientated feedback. The site lives on posted comments.

    Not sure how much control he would lose if:

    1. he maintained the right to moderate where necessary (ooo dangerous)

    2. the 2.0 tools he implemented were ranking, rating, sharing, some client side ajax to speed things up etc.etc.

    I suppose it goes again to the definition - what the hell is web 2.0!?!

  3. hmmm. jaco - noticed amazing vouchers - mentioned in previous post with their whole debacle with hello peter - is a quirk client.

    that's. interesting.

    what do you guys make of it?

  4. Hmm. Don't I feel like a bit of a tosser. "with a bit of budget..." If Mr Cheales charges for responses from a company (which is his right. this is a free country) - he should have a bit of cash stashed away for a bit of 2.0ness.

  5. Hi Andy, yes it is interesting and we believe that everyone should have the right to comment, complain and respond in an open forum. Isn’t this what we all want? There are two sides to every story (as there always are) but this is one of those situation where the parties directly involved need to enter into a dialogue and hopefully they can resolve their differences and both be smiling at the end :-)

  6. Wise client service words there Jaco. Schmoozer :)

    I'm writing a summary post on this. There's a lot we can learn from what looks like a very messy situation.

  7. Think the QuirkStars should remember the http:// before the URL

  8. I think Blogger should pick up the lack of http.


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