The Vista Rating

Hmmm. Kerry has put me on the sniffer of just what the Vista rating scale actually means. My nice, fast (melting - yes, need to check on that warrant, they don't make plastic like they used to) Travelmate that I've been complaining about. The one that chunks along with Vista and Office 2007. It scores a 4.6 our of 5.

Now, I thought it was out of 10 - a plausible explanation for the sluggy, yet oh-so-beautiful response. But a 4.6? You can't get a lot better than that. Bollocks.

Read more here, I did...

*Microsoft to refine Vista's PC Rating Tool
*Performance Rating Tool comes under fire...
*Performance Rating Calculation on Vista

Most interesting observation seems to be that individual factors can get as high as 5.9 (latest NVIDIA) and... the scale is designed to go all the way to a lip-smacking ten as technology increases. Predicting tomorrow? Allowing for upgrading? Microsoft? Noooo...

I like it.


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