A South African's impression of Vista...

Nee man. Hy's pragtig. Maar fok dis stadig!

I must say, I'm blown away by the interface (Vista Business - but I don't think it makes a difference). However, I wasn't expecting my Dual Core 2GHZ Speed Bitch with ATI X1600 256MB + 256MB Shared to battle. And it does.

Try do more than a couple of things at once, at you're bloody lucky it's beautiful - because you do quite a bit of sitting and watching.

I'm also starting to run into the compatibility problems. My Acer Travelmate 8210 is now without Bluetooth, proper touchpad settings, webcam and a couple of other things. I could download them, but the Acer FTP site is well, timing out - and I ain't waiting for a download at 700 bytes a second. My luck.

Who cares. It's pretty!


  1. Ubuntu...

    Yes, seriously.

  2. are there any compatibility issues between star office and ms office? Like the problems about to ravage the world with people who don't know how to save Office 2007 docs as 2003 compatible versions?

  3. Say what?
    Read the current issue of Brainstorm... someone I know (ahem) tried to build the ultimate Vista box. The shootout was interesting, and the question was raised whether there ever could be a real 5/5 Vista machine...

  4. especially since its out of 10 (isn't it??)

  5. Nope, out of 5, with scientific measures as described by Microsoft. However, funnily enough, a MacBook Pro scored 5.9. It's also the cheapest (at a mere R30K) of the machines compared. I say no more.

    The article is however, in UnWired, and not in Brainstorm. Page 48, to be exact. Love is blind, ok...


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