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Hmm. A little more gadgety, but shows good potential. Widsets is essentially a framework within which you can run mobile widgets. CNN, Wikipedia, Weather, RSS Feeds etc. etc.

I'm a firm believer that widgets (small, packaged pieces of code that fulfil a very singular purpose) are the way of the future. They can be shared, chosen to suit your preference and used to "pull" content from countless sources. "Pull" is the new "push". Get on board.

And graphically? It's... Very smooth.

*Fair amount of content already
*Smooth use of limited bandwidth speed, loads and pre-loads widgets in the background.
*Very slick interface - the widgets sit as big, bold 2.0ish icons on a starry night sky. Click to launch each widget's specific interface.

*Bandwidth heavy.
*Takes a bit of searching to hook yourself up with valuable widgets - there's a lot cutey American crap.

If widgets are the way of the future (and this can read common formats - of that I'm not 100% sure) - then you couldn't ask for a better interface. It's still in BETA, but fairly stable. Give it a shot.


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  1. Really is a useful little application, allows me to get the information I want without having to browse web pages!


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