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Had a thought, set off my Paul's post on blogs and app collections for the S60 devices (essentially any Nokia N Series upwards - although there is a difference between S60 Second Edition and S60 Third Edition - ask a techie).

I'll post the apps I've come across so far - because I'm a complete mobile gadget junkie. And, hell, what's an FDisk, Format, Reinstall... Well, actually - it's prob R250 at an MTN store - but you've got to be brave with this stuff :)

I digress.

The first app is Nokia Search. It doesn't come pre-installed as far as I know on N73 downwards - but you can get to it via the Nokia Catalogues menu option. It isn't quite adapted to the SA market yet - but you can see the power. Search your through your mobile files like they were the web, and link through to maps, Windows Live Search etc. etc.

*Search through files, sms'es, contacts, calendars by keyword.
*Search results link to actual phone functions (ie click on sms search result to open sms app)
*good future potential plugins to maps, directions and other online services.

*Those nice plugins aren't quite ready for SA yet.

If you're a "power user" on your phone - and liable to leave files all over the place - worthwhile app to have around.


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