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I have been searching for a WHILE for an integrated IM client for my Nokia N73. I've used a couple - online MSN, eMSN blah blah. Mostly clunky, costly and just not slick enough. And, not integrated. There's nothing I find more frustrating on the PC than having to load Google Talk, MSN and Skype.

Enter Nimbuzz. Wow. Do yourself a favour and give this one a try.

*Currently support MSN and Google Talk - in one interface!
*AIM / Skype / Yahoo coming soon - it is only version 0.9.1
*as stable as rhino
*run multiple chats at once / conference chats
*runs in background
*apparently the ability to "page" users even if they're not logged in (something about adding a particular number to your contacts - interesting.
*SA point of presence for VOIP routing. Dial a local number and they route the remainder of the call over the internet.
*Light on bandwidth.
*Slick, professional and 2.0'ey interface.

*Battery sucker.

Superb. Best I've seen yet. Puts others to shame.


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