Virginia Tech Massacre. YouTube Speaks.

It's the "next day" South Africa time, and YouTube has also caught onto the horror. I kept searching last night to see when videos would hit the social media circuit, as opposed to the traditional media fest. It must have happened sometime this morning.

YouTube already shows 17 (update 69) videos, one with over 80,000 views. Technorati has had "Virginia Tech" as its top search since last night. And the GoogleBot has caught up.

Above is one of the cellphone videos from the event. In searching for this, I really uncovered the sordid side of "social media spread". A video, labelled "Virginia Tech Massacre" that was actually slideshow pictures of a student partying. It's the highest viewed video (yip, the one with 80,000 views) - most likely because the opening frame is one of a student passed out in his bed. Worried searcher gravitating towards injured looking people. Makes me sick.

And here I am, quickly spreading and sensationalising something I'm not sure should be happening. It's a strange place, this modern, instantaneous world of ours.


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