Virginia Tech Massacre. A Social Media Summary.

I'm think I'm going to stop blogging about this now. While every piece of advice says - pick up on a story, a hammer it, become the expert, become the center of your blogging industry on that topic. I'm feeling guilty as I see some search engine traffic start to pore in.

It does interest me though. So, until I really am struck by the philosphical bug (most likely tomorrow) - here's a summary of how the news has spread so far... My thoughts again go out to the US families. And I hope the media can tastefully handle the fallout.

*YouTube now has 266 videos
*FaceBook has 354 groups.
*Google has 55,900 results.
*Technorati Blog Search has 88,100 results.
*Google BlogSearch has 18,101 results.

That's quick.


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