Keanu's Speed - Township Style (PODCAST)

Ain't it great when a new media form just becomes so pervasive that national radio stations run competitions inviting submissions in that media form? The podcast ladies and gents. Now everyone has a face for radio.

Heard this one on the Fresh Drive coming home today and it's a pearla. Set in the "old days" when township movies consisted of a torch, a transparency, some sketches and a narrator - it's an adaption of Speed.

Taxi's gotta bomb, speed can't drop below 120 km/h. Pop quiz hotshot.

It's great. Kudos to the oke. And he won a MacBook to boot. Anyone know of the original site or PodStream (RSS thingy)?

Listen to it here! This link will work for as long as 5FM keep it live. Spread the vibe chaps.


  1. This idea was used by The Jupiter Drawing Room for Nando's about 2 years ago. It won the Cannes Gold for Media. It's the exact same thing: TJDR's ad was also based on Speed. Who's ripping whom off?

  2. That's bloody interesting... (why did you post as anonymous??). I wonder

    A) why 5fm didn't pick that up - or at least someone in their media department. the guy possibly won a MacBook for plagiarising...?

    B) why Jupiter aren't making more of a fuss...?

    C) if the guy was from Jupiter and they condoned the entry?


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