The "Don't Contact Me Database"!

It was only a matter of time before this happened. With the proliferation of local email and SMS spam (if I get asked to buy 1 more t-shirt or get offered 1 more free cash loan...) someone had to do something. The Direct Marketing Association of SA has taken the honourable stance. They spammed me (ha ha) with this note recently:

Registering on this database will mean that you will not be contacted by members of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association of Southern Africa).

The DCM (Don't Contact Me Database) helps you to make sure your address, email address, telephone and cell number are no longer available to organisations, who are members of the DMA, who want to make offers and send information that you do not wish to receive. You can also do this by contacting companies directly and asking them not to contact you.

But they do issue a stern warning:

You should reflect on the fact that registering may well prevent you from receiving information which you would really like to have - thereby cutting you off from relevant and worthwhile opportunities.

I hope it takes off. And I hope it works. Ideas like this rely on a name-and-shame approach. If the movement gains popularity - big companies like banks will be duty bound to abide.

I fear, though, that it's not always the big guys generating the worst local spam.


  1. Oh... btw - if you're interested... To de-register, contact the DMA on (011) 577-2780.


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