BMW coup on new blogger features...

How the hell did Mr Gray get this together? Although, to be fair, based on the lack of posts on his site, I'm wondering if he even knows. That's the bloody blogosphere, isn't it. Don't pick up the phone and call a mate, write a post. Sigh.

Anyhoo, the feature is pretty cool. You'll see it down the right sidebar of Cowboys and sister blog All Scrubbed Up. Google Video and Youtube now integrate into Blogger Blogs. Click on any of the videos, which you can tag in the backend, and it'll play inside your blog interface. Score one for the video content providers, score one for me (cool feature) and score two for Blogger in the continual race to innovate on social media platforms.

The plot thickens. When installing this feature in the backend, you do it using typical Google simplicity. Click Add Page Element. Select Video Bar. What pops up though should be of more interest to BMW...

The very first thing you see (yes, every one of the millions of Blogger users who are most likely going to test drive this feature) is the tag BMW M3, and a list of videos for it. We all know the Internet is a volume game these days - and that's a fair amount of volume for a aspirational model.

You've got to wonder whether this was an actual campaign, organised by BMW International - or just a software engineer that got rich in the IPO and wanted to... "give something back".

Whatever it was - coup for BMW.


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