The speed of social media - Herschelle and his six sixes...

Unlike most South Africans, I happened to be on a beer run when the greatest over in international cricket got bowled. Thanks to Radio Twee Duisend - I relived it in my imagination.

But there's nothing wrong with a technology blog getting a little patriotic. Especially when you see how QUICKLY Mr Gibbs has been plastered all over the social media platforms.

*62 Videos on YouTube
*32700 results on Google
*262 results on Technorati
*And even 6 results on our very own Gargoyle

The social media industry could never claim to have broken this story - but they're going a fair way to spreading it.


  1. That is so cool! Really gives you warm fuzzies to see that.

  2. Hell, I got warm fuzzies just LISTENING to it on Radio 2000. One of those everyone hoots moments.


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