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Security worries me... and Standard Bank.

Having just had my mind leveraged open to dodgy sounding technical words like Scroogle and CSS History Snooping (Angelina Jolie in Hackers couldn't have been that good - she never said shit like that!)... I was astonished to find the following mail slithering into my office InBox.

Look, I never click on this kind of stuff anyway - it just looks off. But hell man. "Turn on your Javascript and CSS". Alarm bells ringing in my new found security knowledge bank (please turn on the crappy features in IE that let us run external scripts on your computer). Then a nice looking button promising a more secure login? My mother would click on that.

What confuses me slightly... Are you allowed to run scripts inside email? If not, how did the button get there? And, surely most corporate filters will pick this up?

Nevertheless. Warning ladies and germs. There's a Standard Bank Email Scam on the go - and this one looks pretty good...

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